FUNDEs Roberto Rubio addresses the First National Forum of SAPRI in El Salvador. Some 340 organizations representing a wide spectrum of Salvadoran society participated in the deliberations on 27-28 August 1998. The Forum followed 18 months of local outreach and organizing by the SAPRIN Steering Committee, including a series of sectoral workshops on structural adjustment in which the key issues requiring assessment were identified.
Much of the work of the Forum was conducted in three Work Groups, each of which focused on the effects of a significant adjustment measure. These measures included the impact of privatization on the price, availability and quality of public services; the effects of greater labor-market "flexibility" on employment, purchasing power, women, youth and social conditions; and the impact of the liberalization of the financial sector on the cost of and access to credit for various economic sectors.
The Work Groups were themselves sub-divided so as to create an environment that encouraged participation. Here representatives of various sectors and regions discuss the consequences of public-sector privatization and recommend policy measures. SAPRIN researchers and facilitators documented and integrated the sub-group conclusions and reported them to the Forum plenary.

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